Producing consistently accurate, high quality parts

Laser cutting

We use the latest laser cutting technology incorporating full automation with CAD/CAM systems, guaranteeing a high quality and consistent cut regardless of the number of units. The increased cutting speeds and thus decreased operating costs enable Aitchee to provide our clients with the benefits of shorter production times and reduced costs. We can also offer large or small batch cutting jobs, no setup charge with a fast turn round.
• 1.5kw Laser
• Workable range – 2.5m x 1.25m
• High precision accuracy
• Stainless Steel up to 6mm thick
• Mild Steel up to 12mm thick
• Aluminum up to 3mm thick


We have 2 Promecam up-stroking break presses this ensures that larger jobs do not present a hold up to smaller or quick turn-around jobs in the workshop.

• 2 M 50 ton break press
• 1.2 M25 ton break press

Power rolling

Roller capacity:

• 1.2m x 1.5mm (mild steel)
• 1.2m x 1.5mm (stainless steel)

Sheet metalwork

Our skilled and experienced team of sheet-metal workers is ready and able to take on any project and produce well finished accurate parts 1st time and every time.


We regularly produce high quality frames ranging from small aluminium units through stainless steel polished frames to 4m high heavy duty steel frames, all of these products are treated with the same degree of care and have a high level of finish


We have a highly skilled and experienced welding team that can carry out welding services to complement our sheet metal and fabrication services; we can weld materials ranging from heavy duty structural fabrications to high vacuum parts in exotic material.

• TIG Welding
• MIG Welding
• Spot-Welding
• Brazing
• Silver Soldering

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