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Fire Testing Technology

Aitchee Engineering Ltd have been a major supplier to Fire Testing Technologies for many years, we have always found them to be helpful and flexible, always willing to assist with changing quantities and shortening delivery dates. They have a skilled workforce that can meet all of our demands and provide feedback when requested.

During our R&D projects Aitchee have been more than happy to work alongside our Engineers to identify potential build problems and design around them so improving our product development and performance.

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MS Instruments PLC

We have worked for MS Instruments www.msinstruments.co.uk for more than 25 years.

MS Instruments PLC is a high-technology company whose major activities are in design and manufacture of ballistic instrumentation. In this specialist field, the company is one of the major suppliers in the world.

In recent years, MS Instruments has diversified into automatic training systems for army and police forces, as well as air and sea forces. As you can imagine, this type of company demands absolute precision and that is one of the reasons they like working with Aitchee.

MS Instruments Managing Director Paul Everington said: “What we have really appreciated with Aitchee has been their flexibility and cost-effectiveness. I wish we always had to make 1,000 of the same thing, but customers just aren’t like that!

“Aitchee copes with it all. They remove our worries. They just sort the problem. Other suppliers can offer welding, milling, painting etc., but we normally have a load of other things to sort out on any given contract. Aitchee just sorts out what we need.

“They have even been known to help us design/refine our own designs. Most other companies insist on the final drawings, with no changes allowed and will make it to the drawing even if you have made a silly mistake. Aitchee won’t do that. If they are ‘surprised’ by a feature of your design, they’ll check it before pushing ahead blindly.

“Most importantly, they provide the complete service, so you really can just say ‘Make this’. They have saved us a lot of wasted money, are cost-effective and are a flexible supplier. What more can you want from a business partner?”

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