We offer a wide range of services

We can work with almost any material, whether it’s aluminium, stainless steel or industrial plastic

You might have a detailed CAD drawing, a photograph or a model that we can use – or just a sketch on the back of an envelope. It doesn’t matter, we will bring your idea to life. We’ve worked on racing cars for Formula One, prototypes for Suzuki, camera racks for the Centre Court at Wimbledon and made parts for the latest aircraft. As well as creating new things from scratch, we get huge satisfaction from restoring anything from old aircraft, to antique cars and historic clocks.</span>

Component and casings

Many companies rely on us to produce parts, casings and fixings for machinery and equipment. Long-standing client, Fire Testing Technology Limited demand absolute precision in the safety testing instruments we make for them. Our customers know that the smallest inaccuracy in the production process could result in damaged machinery and affect critical test results. That’s why they choose to work with us – they know that every component will be perfect every time.

Bespoke solutions

We work with top interior designers who call us when they need high-quality, unique, custom-made features. Sometimes the designs are contemporary and sometimes we are asked to refurbish or replace fixtures and fittings that are out of production. We are equally at home doing either and over the years we have produced everything from bespoke hinges and handles to brackets and banisters


Based on a rough sketch or a detailed specification – whatever you are able to provide – we can make components in any shape whether it’s flat, round, tube or angle-shaped and out of any material including:

  • Untreated and galvanised steel sheet
  • Brass, copper or alumimium sheet
  • Laminates

laser cutting

CAD/CAM precision laser cutting


Precision milling and turning of many substrates


The most economical and efficient way to join metals permanently

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